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Liquid Formula:

Because a liquid can be absorbed quicker by the body, Kidney Complete as a liquid, can reduce or eliminate pain naturally and safely.  With all natural ingredients, pain can be reduced or eliminated from a safe and healthy non-narcotic  source and then begin to work on dissolving the kidney stones.  (See Liquids vs. Pills)


All Natural Ingredients

  • Natural ingredients that dissolve kidney stones.
  • Ingredients that rebalance the kidneys so they don't retain minerals and produce stones in the future.
  • Clinically proven ingredients that reduce or eliminate pain safely without the use of harmful narcotics.
  • Natural ingredients that balance pH, amino acid and mineral levels.
  • Increases filtration rates allowing the kidneys to function more efficiently.
  • Avoid kidney failure and restore kidney function.

Our Competition:

Our competition have far fewer ingredients that make up their products.  Compare the number of strong and effective ingredients that we put in Kidney Complete.(Ingredients)    Also, most companies sell their products in a pill form. Pills in most cases cannot be absorbed quickly,  nor can the level of active ingredients be absorbed effectively to a level needed to dissolve kidney stones(The Benefits of Liquids)



**While the results and success to quickly eliminate pain,dissolve kidney stones and/or pass kidney stones have been typical for those who have placed testimonials on our website, the results for all individuals may not be typical.  Depending on the size, number and and makeup of the kidney stone, the results may be different for each and every individual. Some may experience results in longer time frames while some have not had the intended results as noted.

There are many factors that play in to one's health.  Among those factors that play a role are genetics, excercise, diet, injuries, and other related issues that may be beyond the function and scope of our products.  For this reason, it is always best to consult with a doctor concerning your particular health issues to determine your particular and individual needs and your ability to use with success the products and solutions we provide.


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